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Some Thoughts on How to Discover Truth

Truth is a malleable concept; made nebulous by the Orwellian ‘doublespeak’ and linguistic violence that permeate much of the MSM. Not to be outdone, the powers that be, in seeking to hold on to power or to present the right image, almost universally undermine and...

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Pacrimpost is aimed at creating an interesting site for serious writers and thinkers. We are always open to New ways of Imagining the accepted, creative thinking and new ideas.
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About pacrimpost 

PACRIMPOST.COM is a public space for serious discussion of contemporary issues, thoughts and ideas which are either ignored or inadequately covered by the mainstream media.

It was conceived and founded by a frustrated Sydney-based, independent researcher, writer and critic, Dr. Gopal Nair (pronounced Gopall Naiir). It is intended as a platform or creative space for critical thinkers and writers to come together with a view to exploring and exchanging ideas or information from differing perspectives.

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