sometimes –
 time stands still
 and I find myself in a void
 of endless nothingness

 trying to make sense
 of the emptiness
 that envelops my being:
 searching, ruminating, barely stirring.

 nothing makes sense
 in this endless

 sometimes –
 when the gremlins
 rouse me at three in the morning
 my thoughts crash repeatedly

 on the shores of my inner lake
 to be consumed by a tempest of turmoil
 until the muddied waters spit out voices that
 unveil the delusions hinged to darkness that surround it.

 sometimes, i wish i knew…
 if love is all there is
 then why its estrangement from humanity
 incessantly degraded by the pursuit of the unattainable?

 sometimes, I wish, if only I knew….

Sydney, May 2004
Copyright © Gopall Naiir