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PACRIMPOST.COM is a public space for serious discussion of contemporary issues, thoughts and ideas which are either ignored or inadequately covered by the mainstream media.

It was conceived and founded by a frustrated Sydney-based, independent researcher, writer and critic, Dr. Gopal Nair (pronounced Gopall Naiir). It is intended as a platform or creative space for critical thinkers and writers to come together with a view to exploring and exchanging ideas or information from differing perspectives.

The perception of the mainstream media narrative, in general, appears to have a leftist orientation. To counter this, the right has media outlets that overtly challenge the liberal or leftist discourse; some going so far as to confuse the substance of public discourse by presenting them as “fake news” without critical appraisal of their own biases. Hence, an average consumer of news today gets more “liberal” doses of “leftist” spin or news that are heavily tilted to the “right”.

The Trumpian ‘whataboutery’ and his administration’s challenges to divergent or unpalatable views as “fake news” only amplify this conundrum. But it also operates to undermine the reporting of truth, so vital to a fair and accurate representation of facts, that it tarnishes the media industry as a whole. was set up to provide an unbiased, accurate, alternate narrative that favours neither the left nor the right. We are very new but already emerging as one of the most read and appreciated blogging platforms. aims to create a vibrant community of critical thinkers, researchers, writers and critics who wish to be engaged with what is happening around the world. If you subscribe to these views we encourage you to submit well-researched and argued article for publication on this site but we reserve the right to edit any material considered unsuitable for inclusion. To do this you will have to register first.

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“Do not go where the path may lead. Instead, go where there is no path and leave a trail”

Ralph Waldo Emerson